Online Bingo from Knockmore

Knockmore Online Bingo

Monday March 1st at 8pm sharp



How to Play in 3 Easy Steps:

1 – Buy your Book CLICK HERE

2 – Print Your Book at Home

3 – Click on the Zoom link to Download the Zoom App and Join the Game


How to Play

Players buy their books online any time up to 12pm on the day of the Bingo. Books are sent to your email address from and you can then print them off and get ready to play. Your email will also have a Zoom link that you click on to see the game – you can join any time from 7:30 on the night of the game. Playing the game will be the same as it is in a normal Bingo hall, except the caller won’t be in the room with you.


Will the Bingo books be sent to my email immediately? 

No, don’t expect the books immediately, they will be sent out at the following times/days

  • Orders placed Friday to 12pm Monday (the day of the game) are emailed out on Monday at 2pm
  • Orders placed after 12pm Monday – 5pm Thursday are emailed out Friday at 1pm

*Remember to check your spam folder if you have not received your book.


What if my internet goes during a game?

Don’t worry, because you have bought your bingo books electronically, we can identify all the winners, so even if you don’t call the check, we will know you’ve won.


How do I claim my prize if I win?

All winners must email us at before 12pm the day after the game. You will include the following details:

  • Winners Name
  • Address
  • Name of Account holder (if different to above)
  • Name and Address of Bank
  • IBAN
  • BIC
  • Line 1, 2 or Full Panel
  • Winning Game Number
  • Winning Panel no.

Contact for help if needed.

STRICT DEADLINE for buying books of 12pm on Monday  –  Any entries after this deadline will be included in the following Mondays draw – no exceptions